GRADE 3  - Please practice "Gently Sleep"   Use the following videos to help you:

Recorder Warm-up #1: Preparing for "Gently Sleep"  https://youtu.be/KpJdu2U-6Xo

How to Play Gently Sleep - Recorder Karate   https://youtu.be/qjP6ihy5cUs

PARENTS  - Today in class, many of the children did not have their practice sheets. Every Tuesday, they must bring their music folder with the recorder music AND the practice sheet, signed by you. I am keeping track of their practicing. Some of the boys and girls are doing very well, while others are becoming frustrated. We have learned three notes so far. I don't want to move ahead until everyone can play those three notes; otherwise it will just add to their frustration. PLEASE make sure your child practices 10 minutes a day. I told them that if they played during the commercial breaks of a TV show, it would add up to 10 minutes!


GRADE 5 -  The students continued learning about Ludwig van Beethoven. They received the next newsletter of Composer Monthly and saw the beginning of a film about Beethoven - "Beethoven Lives Upstairs."


 GRADE 7 Today the 7th grade learned about the history of Jazz. The students saw clips of Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, etc.

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